High-grade regranulates for innovative plastic ideas

High type-purity by means of further developed production methods

Due to our own, constant further development of our washing and production methods in our production facilities our regranulates reach a high type-purity.

Regranulates for the special requirement

We produce our regranulates depending on the requirement from simple quality levels up to ultra-high grade raw materials. By the use of additives our regranulates are given completely new material characteristics. In that way you get exactly the raw material you need for your "plastic ideaô.

Consistent high quality due to certified production 

By adhering to strict production standards we ensure a consistently high quality of our regranulates. This provides you with the certainty that your final product is not subject to any quality variances, either.


Our regranulates in an overview:

  • Regranulate CoReg BA
  • LDPE Regranulate CoReg BH-hard
  • LDPE Regranulate CoReg H
  • Regranulate CoReg SF
  • Regranulate CoReg VOF
  • Regranulat CoReg PP